M.A. English/ CSPT (Cultural, Social, Political Thought) University of Victoria (2006)

B.A. Literature and Politics, University of California at Santa Cruz (2003)

Private Tutor at Ivory Academy, Victoria, BC (2006–2008)

Grant writing workshop with Michelle Hughes, Special Assistant to the Vermont State commissioner of Public Safety (2012)

Freelance editing and tutoring (2009–present)

EAC Substantive Editing workshop with Yvonne Van Ruskenveld (3/2014)

Editing Workshop with Cheryl Cohen (5/2014)

Basic Copyediting with Lana Okerlund (Simon Fraser University) (12/2014)

MS Word for Editors and Writers Workshop with Esther Hart  (3/2015)

Plain Language Workshop with Peter Moskos (5/2016)

Skilful Structural Editing Workshop with Ruth Wilson (11/2016)

Usage Woes and Myths with Frances Peck (5/2017)